Printing Stats That Are Terrifying to Your IT Budget

Here are a few interesting printing stats that should make you think twice about your current print management system:

On average, companies can spend anywhere from 3%-15% of revenue on document and print-related cost and inefficiencies. 

Numerous studies have found that most companies do not know the true cost of their document printing and the true costs vary widely from company to company and are almost always shockingly higher than expected.  The lack of understanding and visibility means that these costs are often hidden cost not even considered by management. 

The average office worker prints 10,000 pages per year, at an average cost of $750.

How many employees does your company have?  Well multiply that number by $750 and you get an idea of what your printing costs might be.  Just think about all the things you may have printed over the last year - presentations, contracts, proposals, meeting notes, emails, photos, receipts, flyers etc.  All these take up a fair amount of paper, especially if you’re making copies and going through multiple drafts. And just think about how much of that is printed in error or incorrectly and goes straight to the trash?

When you factor in everything, it’s pretty easy to get to that 10,000 page number. Not only is this a waste of money, but it’s detrimental to the environment. 10,000 pages of paper is equal to just about exactly one tree. How many trees was your company responsible for cutting down last year? 

Print is typically the third highest business operating expense behind rent and payroll:

Printing costs in many businesses are not effectively monitored and managed leading to costs spiralling out of control.  Surveys have shown that printing costs are typically the third highest operating expense after rent and payroll.  This is a shocking statistic that business leaders have thankfully woken up to and are now taking action implementing better print management.  There are simple solutions that can provide huge cost reductions such as Managed Print Solutions where you can typically expect savings of 20%-30%.  Another quicker and easier option is to switch your original inks and toners to compatible supplies like PrintMate where you can expect to make average saving of over 50%.

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